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Never have I ever

Posted by Pepper on January 5, 2021

This isn’t about the show. This is about my own list of firsts. I asked Visha if I could steal this idea of her post and she was nice enough to agree.

2020 was a year of firsts. Prior to the past year, never had I:

  • Left dishes in the sink for 3 days straight. Both Mint and I were bone tired.
  • Eaten cereal for lunch and dinner.
  • Allowed myself to make bulk purchases of lentils and rice from Costco. The pandemic actually made me more comfortable with buying 20 lb bags of rice.
  • Been so effing furious with Candy as she tore half a roll of toilet paper for the sake of entertainment. I mean, how much more precious can that commodity get?
  • Felt victorious on scoring a delivery slot for grocery!
  • Baked such amazing Banana bread. With whole wheat and honey.
  • Used lipstick and dressed up to go from my bedroom to my living room.
  • Used castor oil in my hair. This has become a weekly ritual and I love the difference it is making.
  • Used my dishwasher to rinse tomatoes and cucumbers and in fact, all kinds of fresh produce. Yeah, we used to do this in the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Convinced myself to grow house plants. I only started with 2, but hey, they are still alive!
  • Thought I would need a glass of wine every evening. Almost.
  • Thought I would see the day where Mint insists on shaving his head fully and going bald. Just because it was convenient. So glad the hair is now back.
  • Spent so much quality time with Cotton and Candy. Just breathing into my babies has been so refreshing.
  • Been used as a trampoline for several hours a day. Cotton and Candy think it is reasonable to jump on me when they please. And I am crazy enough to let them. Because they are adorable. But I don’t tell them that.
  • Thought a parking lot would be the top choice for a meeting place for friends. I can’t keep count of the number of times we parked our cars several feet away and chatted across our cars with windows rolled down.
  • Felt this level of agitation and gratitude at the same time

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