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Decisions galore!

Posted by Pepper on January 7, 2021

After going back and forth on this decision a million times, we have finally decided to resume preschool for Cotton and Candy. Since we moved homes, we can no longer send them to their previous school. It makes us a little sad because we absolutely loved their school to bits.

Anyway, so we have been touring different daycares and preschools and that’s been taking up all our time. Because we typically spend over 2 hours in each school. Going by the number of questions we ask the owners and teachers, Mint and I are probably considered nightmare parents to deal with.

What is their teacher student ratio? How much do they focus on art? How does an average day get divided? What is their academic curriculum like? Do they have mixed age class rooms or do they separate kids based on age? Do they provide meals? Do they assist during meal times? Do they help kids wipe their bums? What does good education mean to them? What extra curricular activities do they engage in? Do they have field trips? How do they imbibe and hone social skills? How do they stimulate kids who are academically advanced? I can go on..

And if those questions aren’t enough, we are living in the times of covid. So we have further questions about their safety and sanitation protocols. Phew.. This is such a long process. We have finally short listed 2 schools for them. We are now tearing our hair apart trying to pick between school A and school B. School A is significantly cheaper than school B. They seem to have a good focus on academic learning. School B seems to be great for over all social and emotional development but is a lot more expensive than school A. They also aren’t as academically inclined as school A. Left to me, I think I would pick school B, but financially, we feel pretty constrained. Especially after putting in so much money in this home. I can’t wait for these brats to enter public school so we can avail the free education this country offers.

We still haven’t made a final decision and have given ourselves time until this weekend. The mere idea of sending them has gotten me nervous and we had to tap into our reserves of bravery. But I am hopeful that everything will work out in the end. * Fingers crossed *

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