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First day

Posted by Pepper on January 20, 2021

Today was the first day of school for Cotton and Candy after a really *long* break. I wanted the morning to be unruffled, so I tried my best to keep things ready last night. New bag packs, extra set of clothes to be sent, water bottles washed and ready, lunch boxes ready at the counter, waiting to be packed. All items marked and labeled with their names on them. Other than that, I vowed to wake up by 6.30 am.

As luck would have it, the morning was cold, grey and windy. Very windy. I am not kidding, we could hear the howling and roaring of the wind all night. It was effing cold and I just couldn’t open my eyes in the morning. I had to use all my will power to drag myself out at one point and by the time I was downstairs, it was 7.15! We were already running late.

I woke Mint at first and then we tried waking Cotton and Candy. They have both completely forgotten the concept of waking up early in the morning to go to school. Getting them out of bed was another task. And since we were running late, we had to deal with the morning chaos descending upon us.

Mint and I had an argument. Candy refused to finish her milk. I was struggling to smear just the right amount of ghee and podi on the idlis that I had to pack for them. Because I know how precisely that needs to be done. Mint was expressing sudden doubt in my choice of outfits that I had picked out for them. Both Cotton and Candy were choosing to be sluggish and testing our collective patience. This is exactly the chaos I had hoped to avoid.

Finally, we were done and ready to get out of the door. Since it was the first day, both Mint and I planned to go to drop them. They were both very excited, while I still feel extremely nervous. I had a hundred things to say to the teacher today.

I am waiting to go pick them up. I know they’re having a great day since we already called in to check on them. This transition is going to be harder for me than them.

6 Responses to “First day”

  1. How are you and how did the kids like day 1 at the new place?

  2. Boiling said

    I feel the same way once school starts after the break ha ha ha.

  3. seema3 said

    Hope the kiddos enjoyed their day at school

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