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Taking sides

Posted by Pepper on January 21, 2021

Last weekend, we kept our promise and took CottonCandy to the duck pond. It really was a fabulous day. We fed the ducks, ate our own lunch by the pond, strolled around the area and had a jolly time. After spending a good number of hours there, we decided to head back home. We were all tired.

We walked back to the car and before we even got there, we were stopped by two women who asked us if the minivan standing there was ours. We nodded. Then one of the women said she saw the other car that hit our car. What? We were confused. She then went on to explain what had happened.

Apparently, a guy was trying to park in the spot next to ours and while doing that, he hit the rear of our car. The dent and damage seemed very apparent. He seemed to remain unperturbed and parked in the spot next to ours and just walked away. The women who saw this incident were furious and were waiting for us to return so they could tell us about it.

I groaned mentally. It had been such a nice day and I didn’t want it ruined. I kept thinking of the possible expenses we would have to incur to get this fixed. The women there stayed on. We took pictures of the dents on our rear and also pictures of the front of the car that had hit us.The identical, or rather congruent dents and angles of that car’s front and our car’s rear would definitely help us in collaborating our claim with insurance.

The women there went on to assure us that they were willing to testify as the witnesses and would support us in every way they could while we dealt with insurance. Before they left, they shared their contact details with us. I think they looked more angry than us and kept saying that the guy who did that was a jerk and how obnoxious it was that he just walked away without leaving us a note.

The pictures we took and the statements of the witnesses helped us immensely in settling things with our insurance company. Today we dropped off our car for repair and picked up another rental for the interim period while we get ours fixed.

Since the weekend, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of the two women who stood up for us. They had nothing at stake. But they chose to speak up for what was right. I am so grateful to them. We thanked them (a lot) and let them know how much we appreciated their help. Without them, all of this may have had a very different outcome.

It reinstates my very strong belief in always speaking up for what you believe in. Even if you don’t stand to benefit. A lot of people only speak up when the fight is theirs and when they see personal gains tied to it. But for those who speak on behalf of the rest when they have nothing at stake, I really admire them.

6 Responses to “Taking sides”

  1. Visha said

    So courageous and thoughtful to wait till you guys came back!

    • Pepper said

      I know, right? I was amazed by that. They said they were planning to leave a note for us on our car with their contact details and a small write up of the events if we didn’t turn up for too long. Some people are just so nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. anisnest said

    Glad to know its sorted out. A big salute to those ladies. Yes, speak up when you notice any in justice.

  3. It’s heart warming to see there are still good human beings willing to stand for what is right and helping. It surely reaffirms our faith in humanity. Sad that the one who bumped against your car didn’t have the decency to apologize. Hope things are ok.

    • Pepper said

      I don’t think apology has anything to do with it. The person who hits the car usually leaves their number or shares insurance details so that they pay for the damage they caused. Thankfully we were able to trace him and prove he did all that, and he ended up paying for all of it. But had he had any decency, he would have owned up on his own instead of making us go through this round about process.

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