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How not to fold laundry

Posted by Pepper on January 25, 2021

Let your clothes stay in the dryer, until it is time to put in your next load.

At that point, bring the first load of laundry and dump all your clothes on the bed in your guest bedroom.

Spend a few days thinking about the pending task and continue feeling bothered by the sight of the unfolded laundry.

When you feel too stressed, shut your bedroom door to make sure the pile of clothes is out of your sight.

Pick a time the next day to get to work. When you do, stare at a piece of clothing for long enough to get the answers to all of life’s questions.

Try folding a shirt and then notice that the sleeves are not as perfectly aligned as you’d like. Feel frustrated and redo the whole thing. Stop folding clothes after you fold that one shirt, because you aren’t enjoying the process.

Allow your thoughts to wander. Suddenly dream of eating something specific. Decide to go and cook the specific thing you are dreaming of, because the end result of that is more rewarding than folded laundry.

Go back to the laundry the next day. Hear two excited voices and shudder when you realise that two little people want to ‘help’ you fold clothes.

Try letting them help you and keep redoing all the clothes that they insist on doing and feel the chaos getting out of hand.

Stop the process and decide to continue when the kids are in bed and you won’t have to deal with any ‘help’.

Consider what your spouse has been telling you about never folding kids’ clothes ever and just throwing them in different bins in their closet.

Go back to dreaming of a time when your kids will be old enough to fold laundry and you can curl up your tee in a ball and toss it towards them.

Repeat on loop.

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