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Stories for my children

Posted by Pepper on January 27, 2021

We had a very rainy day yesterday and the forecast for the rest of the week shows even more rain. Rains have meant so much to me. I am an out an out Mumbai girl at heart. The rains in that city are legendary. My childhood is full of rain drenched memories.

So yesterday when Cotton and Candy were watching the rain from the comforts of their heated home, I decided to tell them stories from my childhood. I told them how as a little girl, I would love to splash in puddles, just like them. I told them how we used to live on the the last floor of a relatively old building and how we had a permanently leaking roof during the rains. This was because the building’s terrace needed repairs and it was an ongoing issue with the society’s committee and the residents of all the top floors.

As a result, I have grown up watching the ceiling drip every monsoon. Placing a bucket on the floor was common and nobody batted an eyelid. One particular year I remember even placing an open umbrella on top of our radio station, just to make sure it remained unaffected by the dripping ceiling.

I remember my papa leaving office early and driving to my school to pick me up so that I didn’t have to take the school bus in the heavy rain. My mom hugging my fully soaked body as I reached home and laying out hot food for me. Cotton and Candy listened intently as I shared these bits with them.

I love sharing parts of my earlier life with my kids. It is so important for them to know where I came from. That I am still somebody’s child, that I have been loved and celebrated. I am not just a caregiver, but I have been the recipient of so much love and care for most of my life.

I also tell them about the various people in my life who they will never get to meet. Stories of my grandparents, my dad’s brother who I always called daddy. Our lives are a jigsaw puzzle and each story I share fits a little piece back in the puzzle. And there are so many million pieces of the puzzle, I don’t know if my kids or anybody for that matter can ever see the whole picture of my life.

But I do aim to sew as many pieces back together so that my children can see the larger part of my life through my stories and my history. It’s one way I can forge a strong and deep connection with them. By the time they are older, I hope they know a lot more about who I am, where I came from and what got me here.

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