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If we were having coffee

Posted by Pepper on February 11, 2021

  • I would first discuss with you what kind of coffee we should order. And then tell you about how my stash of filter coffee powder that I get from Chennai is almost over. Sobs. I’ve tried so many different brands available here but nothing comes close to the powder we get from Chennai. So every India trip, we stuff an entire suitcase with the most heavenly smelling, freshly ground coffee beans and carry it here. The filter coffee in our house is pretty famous among friends and everybody demands a cup when they come. I am trying to imagine my life with inferior coffee now and it’s making me sad.
  • I would also tell you that I have been stressing about this stupid phenomenon called Valentines’ Day. Every year, the kids’ school requests, no demands, that we send cards for all the kids in class along with some gift, namely, pencils, play dough, erasers or other dollar store junk. Planning the whole damn thing, making or buying cards,deciding what gift to buy, packing the said items and cards in heart shaped paper bags makes me lose my head. We aren’t artsy, crafty parents and events like these turn into an ordeal for us.
  • I would tell you that we mopped our house this weekend. This is a very big deal for us. We vacuum often but we rarely wet mop. The job had been outsourced to our cleaner, but ever since we discontinued those services, we have rarely mopped. So much so that my parents keep nagging us on phone and ask us to mop the house. When I told my dad during our video call that we actually mopped, he tried to suppress his eye roll. And then said he expects us to mop only during Diwali after this. Thanks for the vote of confidence, dad.
  • I would tell you that February is the month in which my mom has her follow up medical tests. And I am waiting for her to get done with them.
  • It’s 3.23 pm as I am typing this and it’s the beginning of the danger hours. 3.30 to 6 pm are dangerous hours in our house. It’s that time where I have the tendency to binge eat all kinds of chips or any fried snack that is available. I have tried my best to exhibit some self control but so far all my strategies have failed. Not getting or buying the said items isn’t an option since Mint and I are not able to reach on agreement there.
  • I would tell you how fed up I am of being perpetually burdened with all the personal work we have. We never seem to get on top of it. Even now, we have to renew Mint’s passport and consolidate all the hundred documents they need, we are in the process of refinancing our home, we have to clean out our garage, complete the process of installing cameras in the kids bedroom and so on. I don’t want to enlist all our tasks here but I am so done with this state of being neck deep in work. I know I have said this too many times, but I have to say it again, adulting sucks.

This was a good mini catch up session. I used to write these ‘If we were having coffee’ posts many years ago. And I have recently come across bloggers doing the same posts, except the chosen beverage is chai. Whatever rocks your boat. I am glad I thought of redoing this.

20 Responses to “If we were having coffee”

  1. Visha said

    Oh so many things to discuss..I like this pattern of ‘catch up’ 😄 Have you tried Brazilian coffee..my office had a guy who used his grandma’s technique of making coffee, he would even get the whole contraption everyday to work and get the decoction after an hour or so. He would never have any other coffee! It did smell like the South Indian filter kaapi 🙂
    Tired of binging on stuff that are crunchy and ‘unhealthy’ we have moved to nuts. There are all sorts of roasted nuts lying around to satisfy our ‘something-to-munch’ feeling. But does it replace the karrakkk sound of murukku? Noooo 😅
    I am ignorant here..why would you need cameras in kids room 😳 also recently heard in news about creepy things hackers do after getting access 😭😭

    • Pepper said

      We get nuts to munch on too. The only difference is that we munch on both, nuts and other junk, and no, it doesn’t lessen our consumption of junk. Sigh

      Oh why cameras in kids room, I should do a whole post on this. But the short answer is that only Cotton sleeps in his room and if he stirs or calls out to us to adjust his blanket in the middle of the night, sometimes we can’t hear him. I feel more secure when all sounds from kids bedroom are audible to us at night. Have heard the hacking stories too, but think they are too few and far in between.

  2. Anj said

    Which brand of filter coffee do you guys buy from Chennai? I recently tried this – and it was delicious!

    • Pepper said

      Oh wow thank you! This is great. Strangely, I had heard about Malgudi days from somebody else too who was raving about it, but for some reason I completely forget. Will definitely order this!

  3. Bhavani said

    We are such coffee snobs if I have to say so myself. We have this fancy Cafe level machine and cant have any other coffee. We use roasted seeds from here and do a fresh grind for each cup.
    Pretty most can relate to all your bullets. Almost at the end of the valentine thingy 🙂
    Wishing the best to your mom for her tests to be normal. Hang in there!

  4. Jazz said

    We love the bru coffee and so glad its available here in indian stores.
    Adulting really sucks, we have tons of pending tasks too, need to renew my passport kids passport then oci.
    Lol, we are also not so crafty, i would like to make something handmade but really dont have so much time. So we order those gift packets from amazon and make aniya write her name on them atleast.

    • Pepper said

      We’ve tried Bru but don’t think any instant coffee compares well to the overnight decoction ..
      I know, tell me about the annoying adult world. There’s always things to look into 😦
      We bought gifts too but did hand make the cards, for some reason, I still feel guilt buying the cards.

  5. Keith said

    Pepper, first timer here. I am down to have one large cup of coffee as the doctor’s suggestion, but I can smell the aroma of the coffee you bring back from your trips. Maybe, with only one I need a better quality coffee. I am not a huge fan of contrived holidays, although I did propose to my wife on Valentine’s Day 36 years ago. As for the stress we are under these days, breathe in, breathe out and repeat, preferably doing Yoga or meditation. Namaste. Keith

    • Pepper said

      Keith, thanks so much for stopping by! Your comment made me smile. Interesting to know you proposed to your wife on Valentine’s Day! I am a suck for real life love stories 🙂
      And yes, thank you for the reminder. Let me go bring my yoga mat now. I know the next 2 days are going to be highly stressful for me and I better alleviate my anxiety with some yoga and meditation.

      • Keith said

        Pepper, my pleasure. We just got back from a Valentine’s Day lunch to avoid crowds. As for Yoga, I have been doing fifteen minutes of a combination of Yoga, Pilates and light weight lifting every morning, altering between three routines. A key from the Yoga is the breathing for me, but the routines have helped this old body with the stretching. I highly recommend Yoga especially for people who people my age who want to remain agile and limber. Keith

        • Pepper said

          I have tachycardia and was recommended yoga mainly for the breathing. I’m still learning the right technique. If you do yoga, pilates and weights every morning, you must be really fit! I can use the inspiration.

          Hope you enjoyed your lunch.. I can’t wait to get back to dining outside. Takeouts are just not the same.

          • Keith said

            Pepper, thanks. Really fit would be a stretch for me. I have been able to maintain my weight for a few years, which is good. Yoga is excellent for breathing right. Keith

  6. Goodness I just remembered our yummy filter kaapi date! Can’t wait to do it again. Eons ago!!

  7. Elle said

    Fellow filter coffee lover here! In-laws from Chennai spoilt us with daily filter coffee while they were with us here in the US. Now I can’t drink any other coffee! We couldn’t get the filter coffee from the Indian store for a while. So we switched to fine ground espresso coffee – Cafe Bustelo that you get in regular grocery stores (even target). Not as good as the Indian filter coffee, but close enough! This is the only type we could get that didn’t leave a fine residue when we put it in the filter. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. surekha said

    Hi Pepper,
    Inspired by your post, I had to have some filter kaapi and began looking at options on where I could source it in Toronto, found a place called Madraskaapi that ships out coffee pwd and the tumblers (I am in heaven now). I have ordered coffee pwd and will update you on how it tastes, in case you wanted to check it out yourself here is the link..https://www.madraskaapi.com/.
    Take care

    • Pepper said

      Oh, thank you! I love the amazing responses this post got for coffee recommendations. Please do share your reviews. I’m going to go check that website now.

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