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Posted by Pepper on March 2, 2021

When we moved into this house in August last year, this tree on our front porch was bare. It stood on the left side of our main door. We had no idea what tree it was. A few weeks ago, it started to bloom. Gorgeous pink magnolia.

I usually enter the house through our garage but this tree has motivated me enough to actually use our front door. So often I find myself standing and staring at this beauty. CottonCandy love picking up the petals that have fallen on the lawn. The fragrance in them is very faint, but it is there. They say they love the khushkoo (refers to khushboo, which means ‘fragrance’ in Hindi). I adore these mispronounced words of theirs and hold on to them dearly.

I am grateful for these reminders to stop and smell the flowers.

17 Responses to “Magnolia”

  1. Kids teach you to stop and smell the roses and watch the birds…it looks beautiful. We are still watching the snow melt here.

  2. Sowmya said

    Lovely to see the magnolia

  3. Visha said

    Khuskooo ❀️❀️

  4. paatiamma said

    So beautiful, Pepper!!

  5. Keith said

    Pepper, we have one as well, along with some regular magnolias. They are hearty trees. Living in the south, it is understandable the movie about strong women was called “Steel Magnolias. ” Take care, Keith

  6. Beautiful !! And Khuskoo πŸ€—πŸ€—

  7. Oh, it’ll never be kushboo to you ever again. Only kushkoo. My kid used to say “laali” for lorry, and that’s what it is to me even now, much to the 17-year old’s embarrassment. Apparently, when I was a kid, I’d say “goo-mai” for good bye, and my dad still says that to me when he leaves. Parents are a weird lot.
    Off tangent – have you read the story Magnolia Blossoms by Agatha Christie? Your post reminded me of it.

    • Pepper said

      Laali and goo mai sound just too cute! You’re right, parents are weird.. I have never gone back to the original pronunciations after I heard my kids adorably messed up versions.. And my parents still remember the words we said he wrong.

      And yes! I have! Love almost all AC books, so this wasn’t an exception.

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