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Our crunchy battles

Posted by Pepper on March 3, 2021

I have to say that Mint and I are pretty well aligned in our thought processes. Our world views are the same. We don’t have many noteworthy differences in our outlook. So we rarely argue or fight over the big stuff. The causes of our arguments are almost always petty. And it annoys me greatly that we bicker over such inane and silly issues.

Today was one such day. We had a mini fight, if I can call it that. This is probably the 75th dispute we have had about the same damn issue. Let me just say that Mint has a big problem with the way I tear open any packet. Typically, this is some form of chips which need to retain their crunch. He insists that I mess up the opening, which keeps getting enlarged every time you put your hand in. This makes it hard to put the packs away for later use and results in the contents getting soggy.

This is the source of our latest disagreement. Firstly, I am reasonable enough to understand and agree with Mint’s point of view. I know I mess this up. And I have tried my best to open the packs in a more dignified way. I have no idea why I just can’t. I have tried different techniques, even pulling apart the layers from the center, but I always seem to mess this up. Umm, snipping open packets with surgical precision is not a part of my skill set.

So the next best option is for Mint to do it himself, since he is the one who has a problem anyway. And if he doesn’t do it, then I have asked him to shut up and not comment on my lack of skills. But this is the pattern we seem to follow. I ask Mint to open the pack. He keeps saying yes but doesn’t get to it. I lose my patience and do it myself. He sees the opening and comments on how badly the job has been done. I blow up because I don’t want to hear any comments about this. He accuses me of overreacting. Every. Time.

Okay, I know there are more earth shattering problems to deal with than our chips packet opening saga. But this persistent problem seems to be getting on both our nerves. We’ve resolved our conflict for now and have gone back to snacking on our chips in harmony. But I know the opening of the next pack will make us resume acting in the next season of our in house drama series

24 Responses to “Our crunchy battles”

  1. The Bride said

    Today I met my PhD supervisor for lunch. She’s over 60. She told me her husband has this infuriating habit of keeping his slippers lying about in the hall. She even bought a small cabinet but he can’t seem to do it. She told him his errant slippers could be grounds for divorce πŸ™‚

    • Pepper said

      Haha, okay, really, I am genuinely beginning to think that these seemingly ‘little’ issues CAN take a big toll on relationships. Unless you have the ability to let go, but when you have your own mental disorders to deal with, letting go is equally hard.

  2. Visha said

    Oh I get you! I actually learnt it from a co-worker on how to open a packet gracefully without behaving like a cave-women. I think it’s also how they are packed, all Aussie chips packets just need to be pulled apart from the top and it folds neatly to be used later.
    As an alternative, you can decant them in air-tight containers..extra work I know..but worth not having a fight?

  3. Keith said

    Pepper, you had to use our favorite chips. Now, I must go get some. I will be quiet as I do. Keith

  4. shuchita khare said

    Haha, my husband hates the way I open amazon packages. Also, I want crisps now πŸ™‚

  5. sigdijan said

    Ah…it’s the small stuff that keeps nagging us, the big things pass like a storm!
    And here are my two bits,….if the packets have some plastic/metal content, just cover the opening with aluminium foil and iron it with a hot iron…in 30 seconds to 1 minute, the packet will be sealed and the contents will remain crunchy; I saw it on some random life hacks video on FB and have been following it for quite some time now. If it’s paper then maybe try putting the opened packet in a ziploc bag.

  6. Bhavani said

    Lol that is so me not able to open properly !! imagine the tension when opening these things in a car waiting for it burst open and scatter , but the driver is helpless because he is driving but wants to eat the chips !! I love that helplessness !!!!

  7. Laila said

    That is funny. We have the same argument happen at our home. I just don’t have the patience to open a packet smoothly, especially if they tend to act stubborn…and the argument follows πŸ™‚ I don’t blame my husband though because the packs I open almost always look like a racoon went through them.:-))

    • Pepper said

      You are too nice to not blame your husband. I don’t care how the packs I open look, I still don’t want to hear any ‘casual remarks’ about them. Lol!

  8. Oh we have chips problems too. In our home it is quite the reverse. The dude simply tears open the pack. I cut it with scissors. It’s never an issue though because we transfer the chips into containers, because the idea of chips still in packets bothers me. Yeah, I am weird like that.

    • Pepper said

      I use scissors too and it still results in wildly opened packs. The packs look all even when opened, but the moment you put your hands in, the opening widens and ends up all over the place.

      I think you aren’t weird, I am. I feel very disturbed by the idea of transferring chips into containers. In my head, they are meant to be eaten out of the pack. It is a part of the process of chip eating. I mean, I do transfer snacks that come in those transparent plastic packs, all kinds of local murrukus go in containers. But if you were to tell me to transfer a pack of Lays in a container, I would not feel the same kind of joy in eating. I am definitely weird.

  9. πŸ˜‚ Since I am not in the middle of it I can πŸ˜‚ However I do understand that these petty recurring issues can feel so stressful. Have you tried opening it with scissors next time around? The location of scissors being strategic so that you feel it’s a task to go fetch it?

  10. Harinee said

    I have an easy solution, husband and I do it all the time. Eat the whole packet > no soggy chips leftover! Why, no, I do not see any problems with this! πŸ˜€

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