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If we were having coffee

Posted by Pepper on March 21, 2021

  • I would start by discussing the weather. Yes, the weather is always a topic of discussion in Bay Area. It is still too cold for me and the mornings are still in the low to mid 30s. When I convert it to celcius, today morning was 1 degree. I abhor the chill. Spring is a farce. It’s nothing but an extension of winter, but a more romanticized version. Oh summer, how desperately I am waiting your arrival.
  • Now I would tell you that my BFF had her second baby a few days ago. I’ve mentioned her on this blog several times but I feel too lazy to link up those posts. Her older one is exactly the same age as Cotton and Candy and I remember much ado happening about the fact that we were pregnant at the same time back then, with almost the same due dates.
  • Her son stayed with us while they managed the new born for the first night and Cotton and Candy had their first official ‘sleep over party’. That’s what they kept calling it. The kids had a blast. Later that day we went to see the new baby and Candy was in love. She is a natural with babies and I often think of how amazing she would have been as an older sister. Here is a picture of her holding the baby.
  • I would tell you that I am trying to find the courage to buy some medium to large sized indoor plants for our living room. Since the other two small plants I bought 6 months ago are still alive, I want to go ahead and buy some big plants because I love the splash of green they add.
  • I have an appointment for a hair cut this Friday. I am over the moon excited about that.
  • Cotton woke up with a low grade fever, so both the kids have been kept home today. I am amazed by my ability to not panic this time and/or assume we have caught the dreaded virus. I was very nonchalant and just asked the kids to go play by themselves instead of fussing too much. Of course, we will isolate ourselves but I am so glad I am acting sane instead of driving myself up the wall with my thoughts, for once.
  • My energy levels seem to be at all all time low. I feel wiped out all the time. While my day involves a lot of physical activity and labor, it still isn’t any more than what other people around me are doing. So why do I tire out when others are capable of fitting in challenging work outs and packing in so much more? I know, the workouts actually help in building energy, so is that what it is for me? I basically need to kick myself in the butt and get to some exercise but I feel so tired.
  • I am so exhausted with Candy’s perpetual constipation issues. I am sorry, this is TMI, I know. But I need to rant. She has been using Miralax everyday for over a year and her pediatrician has asked us to discontinue it now and wean her off. Her water intake is abysmal and that seems to be the biggest problem. Prunes, chia seeds, soaked raisins, peaches, probiotics, extra fiber, flavoring the water, we have tried it all. She either doesn’t consume all that she needs to, or if she does, it doesn’t seem to work. Time and again, we find ourselves begging or threatening her with consequences if she doesn’t finish her *tiny* cup of water. It is so draining! When do these little humans realise they are not doing mankind any favor by drinking water?
  • I started typing this post 3 days ago and I completing it only now. I had a really good streak with blogging in the past few weeks but I am beginning to struggle to keep up. I wonder if I should slow down or push myself a little harder to write more frequently. I will think about it another day. Right now, I will just focus on enjoying my coffee.

38 Responses to “If we were having coffee”

  1. Candy looks so invested in that baby. Maybe it’s time to launch another yourself?
    Energy level being down – it’s the times. This seems to be everyone’s complaints these days.
    Hope the kids are better soon.
    Tried castor oil? Just rub on her belly, maybe it’ll help.

    • Pepper said

      Launch another one? Haha, yeah, and check in to a mental asylum 😀
      We’ve tried castor oil too, it doesn’t work 😦 I think the biggest problem is that she doesnt use her bowel muscles well enough to push. The moment she feels pain, she stops. And it keeps getting worse.

  2. Keith said

    Pepper, if we were having coffee, I would suggest that you need to take care of you first. Even a few minutes of exercise will help get you back on a sustainable path. I would also say if you want to tell me to shut up, please feel free to do so. Best wishes. Keith

    • Pepper said

      Oh Keith, I really need to hear what you said. I have even book marked the Youtube yoga video I want to start with. Hopefully I will learn to prioritize this. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  3. Nithya said

    Have you tested your Vitamin D levels? That could below the expected range and a reason for your tiredness.

    • Pepper said

      I haven’t checked my Vit d, b12 or any of those parameters since ages. I do my yearly health check us but my insurance provider (Kaiser) doesn’t include these by default. I think I need to call my doc and ask him to add these. Thanks.. I hope to do this next month.

  4. shuchita khare said

    Oh Pepper, regarding Candy’s constipation issues, I wish I could lean in and give you a giant hug. I’ve been dealing with similar health issues (thankfully, me and not my child) for the past year and trying to get off Miralax is a battle I lose everyday. I understand how frustrating this can be. It’s sucked off all joy from my life. I really hope you find something that works for you. I’m sure, you must have tried everything but prune juice is the only thing that works for me. It’s gross so can’t imagine convincing a toddler to take it. Really hoping she grows out of it as she grows up. Lots of kids do! Hugs.

    • Pepper said

      Shuchita, you’ve said it all! THis is highly frustrating and I am so sorry you are going through it too. Candy almost spits out the prune juice and getting her to have a few sips itself is a struggle. I am going to try harder but it is so draining to chase her, or watch her go through this pain. Thank you for the hugs. I really hope you recover from this problem too. Do you have an underlying condition that is causing this?

      • I remember someone making prune muffins. If that’s something you can try.

        • Pepper said

          Wow, never thought of that! Just looked it up and there seem to be a lot of interesting ways to incorporate this. Thank you for the idea. And while I’d love to make this every now and then, I still hope she learns to eat them as is. Lol.

      • shuchita khare said

        Pepper, this is extremely tmi so feel free to not publish. I’ve been suffering from bleeding piles (ugh) for one year now and can only manage to keep things soft enough down there if I take Laxido, which is the equivalent to Miralax in the UK. I’ve literally tried all possible ways to control this through diet but it just doesn’t work for me. I hate being dependent on medication and I’m terrified about what I’ll do once my body is used to this and the laxative stops being effective. I totally understand how hard it is to wean off this. I’d suggest go really, really slow and give her body lots of time to adjust. If it doesn’t work I’d ask the doctor for next steps. I feel like being on Miralax is better than developing a fear of going at all from the pain which could cause bigger issues. Anyway, sorry if I’ve grossed you out. Take care!

        • Pepper said

          Nothing is TMI for a mommy.
          Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear about how you’ve been suffering. My dad had exactly the same issues. He had to get his piles taken care of surgically and even recovering from that surgery was very hard!

          And I do agree with you that being dependant on Miralax (or and laxative) is better than having to deal with this trauma of hard stools that don’t budge. But I feel so conflicted because even the manufacturers site says it’s meant for people older than 17.. I keep thinking of the long term effects a mere 3 year old could have to deal with. Their pediatrician has okayed it and Candy has been on it for a whole year but I still feel so uncomfortable thinking of it as a permanent part of her life. I think you’re right about weaning gradually. I tried to go cold turkey and we’ve been suffering so much. She has not even been able to sleep at night and has been in a lot of pain. I feel awful for stopping it so abruptly. Even restarting it has not helped her go now. And we are back at having to really up the dose for it to work.

          I’m sorry for the long comment. Just wanted to rant.

          • shuchita said

            No worries! Please rant away. I understand not wanting to medicate a 3 year old. I really hope you find some solutions. Have you tried any alternative medicines? I have a friend who’s an Ayurvedic practitioner here locally, she doesn’t prescribe medicines but suggests diet related changes. Who knows, something might work. If you want I can put you in touch. Also, thank you for sharing about your Dad Pepper. I think I’m heading that way but I’ve read so many horror stories about the surgery, it’s had me absolutely terrified. Anyway, one day at a time I guess. Take care xx

            • Pepper said

              Good luck to you, Shuchita! You will be fine 🙂

              As far as Candy, I’m trying hard to incorporate the right diet, if only her Highness cooperates.. I think all the information and knowledge I gather is useless if I am unable to implement it.

  5. Visha said

    For constipation Moo also doesn’t have anything working for her except papaya. If Candy eats it you can try 🙂

  6. Bhavani said

    Awww that pic reminds me of my daughter holding my boy – they are exactly 3 years apart and she was so gentle with him. So so sweet !! Congrats to your friend !!
    Hope things get better with the constipation for the little one 😦 I am sure you would have already tried, if not why dont you try some rewards, stickers, pencils whatever she likes if she finishes so much water in a day. Have a White board and give them points or marks or something fun to get her to drink her water.
    Good luck with your plants !! Thyroid levels being whacky could cause the tiredness also. You might want to get that checked.
    Take care and enjoy your coffee !!

    • Pepper said

      I have tried rewards and that does seem to work a little, but it is too tiring for me to keep track and continue playing that game. I mean, I just want them to chug down some water on their own without adding to my mental load. I guess I will have to wait some more for that stage.

      My thyroid levels are actually okay. But I should check out that other stuff.

      And so cute! Didn’t know your kids were 3 years apart. I think that is a great age difference between siblings 🙂

  7. Preethi said

    Both my kids had this problem, the main reason is not drinking enough water. Dehydration also causes headaches. It is still a constant struggle to keep reminding them to drink enough water and my kids are quite old compared to yours 🙂
    There was this one time when my son had severe stomach pain due to constipation that they had to try enema. Now that they are grown up, I make them eat pitted prunes regularly. I know it is not easy to convince a small child to do all this, but good luck dear. I understand your pain.

    • Pepper said

      Thank you Preethi. So glad your kids have overcome this struggle. Prunes and added water intake seem to be the key. I really hope we make some progress.

  8. Preethi said

    Btw, that pic of Candy with the baby is super 🥰

  9. Isha said

    Banana too helps in constipation. Have her have 1 daily at least. I guess that wanting to drink water does not happen because of the cold weather, no sweating.

    • Pepper said

      She does have a banana every day.. That’s the only breakfast they have.

      And that’s spot on. Even I barely feel thirsty in this weather.. Also, Cotton has the same diet and water intake as her but he has no such issues.. I dunno why she struggles so much 😦

  10. Laila said

    My 4 year old has the constipation issue too, although getting much better now. We have even made urgent care visits when he looked seriously distressed about it. All of this was triggered by the potty training phase when he used to be reluctant to use the potty seat and hold it for as long as he can. That in turn made it really hard for him to go when he did and the experience while going made him hold it all the more. It is a vicious cycle, I tell you. However, Prune juice and prunes seemed to help quite a bit. For the last couple months, I give him pears during the day, prunes in the evening and every night before going to bed, it is now a routine that he has to go sit on the potty and at least try to go whether he wants to or not. This schedule seems to have done the trick for me. I picked that time as I am done for the day too and don’t have to rush him. I sit outside and ask him to take as much time as he needs. On most days now, he is able to go and he doesn’t even put up a fight anymore. This daily exercise seems to have worked his system too.
    This is TMI I know, but I feel for anyone with little ones with that issue, so wanted to share my experience and what seems to be working for us.

    • Pepper said

      Okay so I think the potty training phase was never easy for us with Candy because of her constipation.. The only reason we could train her was because we started the laxative. Now we are trying to wean off and I can almost see her regressing.

      I really really hope we can work on her diet and incorporate more prunes. Really glad you guys have figured a way out. I had no idea constipation can be so distressing.

      • Laila said

        Oh yes… it can be quite stressful. Although this was over a year back, I remember him crying out of fear that he needs to go, but was just worried how painful it may be. Of course, he couldn’t express in words, but it was just obvious. Prune juice made him go almost by force and he was just laughing and crying all at the same time… All I could think about at that time was how do we help him.

        • Pepper said

          Your comment is just making me hope that there is light at the end of the trouble.. Right now it’s a mix of not consuming enough fiber/ prunes and fluids and having some anxiety about using the pot. I hope things improve for us like they did for you.

  11. I hear you Pepper, watee drinking is a problem here too…I still buy juices or make lemonades to make sure enough water is consumed so potty becomes easy! Also 2 oranges everyday with the fiber on it. If I feel he hasnt had enough water, I just make lunch a little more spicy so he drinks more water, though eats less, which is ok, as long as he is not constipated! Try if any of these works. Oranges are more easily available than papaya here too

    • Pepper said

      Candy doesn’t have oranges, I want to cry. I mean she does, but she keeps peeling out all the skin and fiber and in the end has so little of the fruit.

      Making the food spicy is actually a great idea. She loves spice though, so I hope it still makes her drink water. Thanks! Going to try this!

  12. Oh dear ! a big jaadu ki jhappi to you and Candy! My dad has had constipation issues for years. He used to eat some powder that I can remember and a few years ago he started Nityam by Ramdev. 1 pill before he sleeps and for the first time in his life all his constipation issues are gone. I dont know if it’s ok at Candy’s age though it’s supposed to be Ayurveda and all herbal…might be worth a try:)

    • Pepper said

      Thank you IY, I am definitely going to get an opinion from an Ayurvedic specialist. So glad you found a solution that is working for your dad!

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