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Sunshine for my soul

Posted by Pepper on March 26, 2021

Yesterday was the first day of spring break for Cotton and Candy. It’s just a week off from school, but holidays are always special. I remember that feeling of excitement I felt at the start of every summer, Diwali or Christmas break. So of course, I had to do something special for my kids to mark the day and build up the excitement.

While the sole intent was to give them a dose of joy, it turned out to be as nourishing for me. I guess we all need a dose of happy sunshine. The weather was on my side. I texted my friend P and asked her if we could plan a day in the park with our kids. She jumped to it.

We carried our lunch. Spinach pesto pasta for the kids. We also picked up some subs. After a good hour of playing on the structures, we moved on to the picnic table for lunch. Unsurprisingly, the kids were very cooperative and finished their meal so quickly. Why does this not happen at home?

Then P and I sat munching on our sandwiches while we let the kids run around on the vast green lawn. The kids enjoyed the freedom of being able to run. P and I enjoyed some good conversations. We kept talking about how wonderful it was to be out in the sun, to not have to worry about chores and pending work, to just let yourself unwind and watch our beautiful kids laugh and play.

We then moved on to getting the bubble wand out. Bubbles are of my favorite things ever. Blowing and chasing bubbles in the park along with my kids was what my soul seemed to need. Did I already mention I was having fun? I still haven’t mentioned our favorite part of the day.

The park has a *giant* slide. So what do you think us adults did? We promptly jumped on to the slide. Seriously, why should kids have all the fun? The kids were partly amused to see their moms gleefully sliding down. We laughed endlessly and let our kids loose. I have no idea of the number of times they went on that slide. We left for home after *many* happy hours in the park. This day will stay etched in my memory for a long time. It really was what my soul needed.

Let’s be tree huggers
Chasing bubbles is fun!
My son watches his crazy mom slide down
Sliding down for probably the 75th time

12 Responses to “Sunshine for my soul”

  1. Awww this post gave me a dose of joy as well! May you, Cotton and Candy have many more joyful days filled with sunshine and contentment and ofcourse Mint as well:)
    I love swings and I get on to one on every opportunity Iget, while worrying if the chain can take my weight , considering it’s for kids:-)

  2. Visha said

    I would have used the slide too! Looks so inviting

  3. Keith said

    Pepper, I LOVE that slide. I think my kids and I would have slid down 75 times, as well. Keith

  4. Neha said

    Hello Pepper,
    Just wanted to say hello and I enjoy reading your blogs. Wishing you guys a very happy spring break week. Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. Bhavani said

    What a perfect day and I agree with the weather. Spring is here with its gorgeousness all around. Super cute pics !!
    And that slides do look fun for adults too. Which park this ?

  6. da-AL said

    looks like so much fun! thanks for letting us join you 🙂

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