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So random

Posted by Pepper on July 11, 2008

Everybody around me is so excited about the convocation tomorrow. Why don’t I feel the excitement too? I know its supposed to be a big event, but what is the big deal really?

Its almost 2 am and here I am eating a lemon meringue tart which is oh-so-good. Its the best. This silly tart is making me really happy. I am funny? weird? normal? what?

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Morbid Chaos

Posted by Pepper on July 8, 2008

Confused. Dead. Wrung out. Lifeless. Stabbed.
Pushed. Pulled. Tugged. Stretched. Bent. Hurt.
Squashed. Throttled. Smashed.
Darkness. Suffocation. Drowning
Rot. Perish. Burn. Red heat. Abyss. Black hole.
Trapped. Cold. Shiver. Down fall. Infinity.
Faithless. No hope. Endless fears.
Try. Trying. Hard. Warm tears. Hot. Choking. Spill. Slide. Wet.

Yes, I can be very morbid.

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