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To the..

Posted by Pepper on February 17, 2009

Dear English girl walking in the invisible skirt and leggings,

You are a mystery. How do you manage to wear nothing but those see-through leggings and be unaffected by elements of weather like the wind,the snow and the harsh biting cold? What are you made of really? A closer look at your open and uncovered top, exposing a shining expanse of your cleavage baffles and amazes me all the more! What motivates you to bare yourself like that in such extreme conditions? You sure seem to have an iron will.I hope whatever you are doing it for is worth it. How I wish I had the ability to endure this weather with such ease.

Best of luck!

-The puzzled girl, bundled in layers of warm apparel walking behind you.

To the woman at the cafeteria counter,

What in the world are you selling in the name of ‘Veg Indian Biryani’?? Not a hint of seasoning in that rice! You add boiled carrots, potatoes and peas to bland rice and call it biryani? You sell four spoonfuls of that disgusting looking, insipid rice that does not contain a molecule of spice for 6 pounds? Heck, I can make better biryani than that! You fool these fair blokes and make them believe they are tasting authentic Indian cuisine? Don’t rip them off like this. Its nothing but deceit!

– The horror-struck, angry girl swearing under her breath in the corner

Dear old couple sitting next to me in the cafe,

There is something so endearing about you. You seem old enough to fit into the senior citizen category. Yet, I see that spark in your eyes that you have only for each other. I saw you kiss the top of her head and cuddle her, and I almost jumped out of my chair to come and hug you. There is something about romance that makes me beam dementedly. And ageless romance makes me dizzy with happiness. Seeing you today made my day. Thank you! Keep those kisses going..

May God bless you!

– The starry eyed girl smiling at you from the next table

To the dreamer that I am,

You really need to exit from wonderland. You spend a large part of your day, doing nothing but weaving dreams and indulging in pointless activities. A big pile of laundry in the basket, an enormous stack of dishes in the sink, a house that needs to be vacuumed, warmly welcome you back to reality. You have a never ending to-do list. So STOP PROCRASTINATING. Start existing in the world you live in, rather than living in the one that does not exist. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be for you.

– a miffed and hopeful me.

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From my window..

Posted by Pepper on February 11, 2009

I see them coming. Dancing their way. They dress the earth in white. A pure sinless white. They speckle every naked corner mirthfully. The soft glow adds colour to my livid thoughts. I gulp my hot chocolate as I watch every colour losing its individuality and welcoming the unity the whiteness conveys. A thin film of mist deposits on my window. I draw a smile as I am filled with happy memories.

From my window, I see the little flakes of snow lose their shining identity as they merrily surrender to the vastness. From my window, I recognise pristine beauty.

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