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Posted by Pepper on March 22, 2011

Pepper: It is raining. Even the temperature seems pretty low. I don’t think we should go out.
Mint: Hmm, yeah.

After a minute..

Mint: It is raining!
Pepper: Huh? What the hell did I just say a minute ago?
Mint: You said we shouldn’t go out.
Pepper: Yes, that was the last line. Did you even listen to what I said before that?
Mint: *Grins*
Pepper: *Fumes*

Mom, I know you prayed for this. I know this is karma. For all the times I was spacing out and zoning while you spoke to me, I know I deserve this.

And yes mum, while we’re talking about the past, let me remind you of one thing you always felt. You believed there couldn’t be a person lazier than me in this universe. For all the talk you gave me, I present to you this guy. When he wants to heat something in the microwave for 20, 30 or 40 seconds. He will always punch numbers like 22, 33 or 44. Because it takes less effort to punch the same number twice. And he is too lazy to lift his finger and punch two individual numbers separately. BEAT THAT!  *Rolls eyes*


80 Responses to “Conversations and other things..”

  1. lol@ the number punching bit…at the zoning out bit = kahani ghar ghar ki 😛

  2. R's Mom said

    Awww! Mint is so cute..and he is as lazy as I am…thanks Mint for the idea of the microwave I should try it as well…saves so much effort na 😉

  3. We are all married to such men 😀

    …and yeah, I’ve lost count of the number of times I have complained to mom about G’s laziness and make her realize that I was the better one 😛

    Good post 🙂

  4. Mahes said

    ROFL! Mint takes the crown!

  5. Chatterbox said

    😆 @ 22,33,44 seconds in a microwave 😆 but you know Pepper, it’s not just Mint, it’s with all men.
    They are too good with switching off when we are saying something and laziness definitely has a gender predilection ;);)

  6. Pixie said


    can I still get away unscathed by saying – “how cute of Mint!”!! :mrgreen:

  7. ajay said

    ROFL at 22, 33, 44… 😀 It can be easily beaten. Sample these –
    * While lying in bed and reading, if I go to sleep, I don’t make the effort to put the book on the table, I just put it under my bed. After a week, almost all my books can be found lying there.

    * Once I was hungry and it was really late in the night. I felt too lazy to climb down the stairs and go to canteen. So what I did was I took water and went to sleep. 😀

    • Pepper said

      Same pinch Ajay! I do both the things you’ve mentioned. In fact I am worse, I don’t even walk up to the kitchen, let along climb down the stairs.
      But no, I don’t think these incidents beat Mint’s at all. In both the cases you’ve mentioned, you require full body movement to achieve your goal, whereas Mint needs to move one single finger within a 2 cm radius!

  8. priyaiyer said


    I’m the lazier one in our marriage. 🙂 My mom has a ball every time she reminds me that I should be thankful for the better half. Two lazies cannot run a home, she says in half humour. 😛

    • Pepper said

      You’ve no idea how lazy I am Priya. I thought I was the worst there could be. But then I find Mint, who is a level beyond me. Maybe your mom is right when she says two lazy people cannot run a home. Perhaps that is why we never manage to run ours efficiently 😀

  9. Swaram said

    LOL! I wud say he is smart 😉 Saving his energy for better things 😛

  10. Bikram said

    he he he he Wow what an Idea SIR JI.. i like that hmmm see savign time .. ah well you will not understant … save time and Energy 🙂

  11. Yeah and after all this I bet your mother will still take his side! It’s how mothers are programmed. Hmpfh.

    • Pepper said

      Really? I thought she would bow down before me once I told her this. I thought this was the ultimate form of laziness any human can fathom. Let me tell her asap. I am curious to know her response 😀

  12. S said

    woooah.. that number punching bit is awesome! *scratches head* how did it never dawn on me!
    🙂 What an idea sirjee! 😛

  13. Hahaha…yes I will have to agree that he takes the crown 🙂

  14. dipali said

    Phew! All men seem to be rather strange:)

  15. Titaxy said

    LOL. height of laziness, this number punching thing…makes me feel better about myself 😛

  16. Tanishka said

    Wow punching the same number twice.. This is such a cool idea…. I have decided to make Mint my guru…. 😀 Thanks to you peppy 😀

  17. Chiquita said

    Hahahahahah this is too funny…Mint is too cute!

  18. Zoning out – Haha! Karma indeed. We all did it to our moms, me thinks 😉

    Microwave double digit punching – Ayyo rama, what a coincidence! Go give him a same pinch from me..I do it too! 😀

    But am far from lazy..mindeeet. I do that only when it comes to microwave number punching. It just makes life easy I say 😛

  19. Seena said

    Oh my god R does exactly like that with Microwave, in fact its just not the microwave, he keeps alarm like 5:55, 7:11 etc..I love to wake up at 6:00, 7:00 like that, he justifies we would never wake up such timings and keeps like these odd ones. I am glad that I am not the only one facing all these 🙂

  20. Koockie said

    I do the same thing with the microwave! It really is a time saver!

  21. binpin said

    My Mom always says I will have kids who are twice as stubborn (I call it strong-headed:) as me ! I really applaud Mint on a lot of thought going into his Number punching scheme:)

  22. Comfy said

    Number punching..err on this end he only chicks on the pre-programmed buttons no matter how long he needs to heat things. “I will stop at the right time”, I hear all the time. Only one number to punch no? Does he remember to stop in time? Oh well, only my work of cleaning up increases 😐

    • Pepper said

      Lol Comfy! Mint sorely misses those pre-programmed express buttons. We had them on our old micro, not on this one. He’s grumbling about how he needs to press 3 twice, and also has to press the start button. There’s no way he would use anything else if we had those. So I empathise 😀

  23. Ashwathy said

    Hahahaha!!!! Karma it is alright!!! 😛

  24. VJ said

    All men are the same !!!

  25. Don’t get me started about the not-working thing. Mine procrastinates so much I get fed up and do the work myself. What a strategy!

  26. scorpria said

    ROFL at the number punching!!

    Zoning out: i do that too…and S gets all worked up 😀 😀
    Laziness: If Mint competes against S, I think S will win 😉

    • Pepper said

      Really?? I find it too hard to believe. I don’t believe anybody can defeat Mint here. Maybe we should really get them to compete to find out 😀

  27. Chhavi said

    Pressing the same button twice…. What a cool trick… Now, why didn’t I think of it 🙂

  28. Mint said

    For those who were wondering why I don’t just use the one press pre-programmed buttons like the 30 sec express etc, our microwave doesn’t have those options. Not only do I have to press “3” twice, but I have to then make *another* press on the start button to actually get the damn thing going.

  29. Scribby said

    he is lazy: okay
    he turns deaf: okay

    but is he still cute? Oh certainly YES 😛

  30. neha said

    The number punching shortcut is exactly what I do!! saves so much precious time (which i use for sleeping :D). I was actually explaining to hubby why he should start doing it as well!! 😀

  31. Deboshree said

    Ha ha ha ha now comes the one classic lesson all women should know about men. LOL
    I am sure my man can’t beat the 22, 33, 44 bit. That is just amazing… but then the conversation filter is almost ubiquitous. 😀

  32. LOL!LOL!! Kahani ghar ghar ki!!SD always does this..zoning me out and then,sounding as if he came up with idea!!LOL!
    And pressing the same number..LOL!!cute!

  33. Meira said

    Sigh! Now I know why these two “like minded people” know each other 😀

  34. lol !! no one can beat that! be lazy and happy, you two! 😀

  35. Jzt4me said

    I would still not complain…Bcoz..atleast, Mint is heating it himself…unlike my hubby who would sit hungrily waiting for me to do even that bit…He can sit and keep on wimpering…GIve me food Give me food..but wouldnt get up and take the plate and eat himself…Would expect me to serve it to him…So Mint…u r fine…hehe!!!

  36. anu said

    i think all the mom’s in this world feel that.. i remember my mom cursing me with same dialogue. now i feel God has fulfilled her wish by presenting me lazy husband. 🙂

    i feel mint is smart and efficient as he doesn’t seem to waste a second moving his finger to “0”. 🙂

  37. Anams said

    Smart. Now why didnt I think of this??

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