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C for Cockroach

Posted by Pepper on November 23, 2015

Okay, I’m sorry. That really isn’t a very glamorous title. And I can’t believe my own choice of topic. But then, it really does fit the bill. The cockroach is quite the protagonist in this post. So let’s move on, shall we?

It so happened that I forgot to roll up the windows of my car one day. I must have rolled them down for some reason, and since I am not used to having to roll up the windows before getting out of the car (I hardly ever roll them down), I forgot about it. So looks like the windows remained open all night. I was quite alarmed when I noticed it the next morning. Thankfully, I couldn’t find anything amiss and I concluded that it had been an uneventful night.

Then it happened. I was driving back from work that day. All of a sudden, a creature whizzed past my vision and it resulted in me braking abruptly. It wasn’t funny in the least bit. I could have caused an accident and it would have been all my fault. I couldn’t help it though, I was so startled by that damn thing that appeared out of nowhere. I was horrified to note that it was a cockroach. And wait for it, a freaking flying cockroach! My guess is that it had entered the previous night when I had left the windows open.

I rolled down the windows immediately, praying to the Almighty to show the cockroach the right path and lead it out of the car. I had scary thoughts of it flying across my face and since I was driving, I knew that wouldn’t result in something nice. To make matters worse, I wasn’t getting the opportunity to pull up on the side. I was right in the midst of speeding cars, being forced to maintain a certain speed myself. The cockroach seemed to be enjoying it’s flight. I had no idea where or when it would land next. It was a few moments of acute tension and anxiety. I started to sob. Quite literally, I had tears streaming down my face.

Finally, I did get the opportunity to pull over. I waited for the damn thing to make a peaceful exit. But no, it seemed to love it’s new hang out. I got out of the car and prayed some more. When I peeped in, it was still there, cosy in it’s spot. Finally after waiting endlessly, I decided to be brave enough to use a piece of paper to flick off the roach. But every time I would attempt to do that, it would scurry into an unreachable crevice; that tiny gap between the door and window. Fine, I thought, as long as it stays there and doesn’t come out while I am driving. So I convinced myself to start driving, but like I suspected, the dude was out the moment the car was in motion.

I stopped again. Wiped my tears. I took a photograph. I wanted evidence of my sufferings. I called Mint and told him I was stuck on the highway, in the car with a cockroach that wasn’t letting me drive. I told him I had taken a picture of the monster. He asked me why I would I stand by and click, instead of driving it away. Hah, if only I knew how to do that. When I sent him the picture on WhatsApp, his only response was, ‘Don’t be ridiculous’. Don’t be ridiculous? What does that even mean? And how insensitive of him.



I swear it was much bigger than it looks in the picture. I really didn’t know what to do. I probably sound lame to some, but trust me, when you are trapped in a car and are forced to drive while a cockroach circles around the air and takes sadistic pleasure in arbitrarily zipping by you, the mystery of when and where it will land is torturous. I mean, I have never come in physical contact with a cockroach. I have never touched one. The last thing I wanted was for it to disembark on my nose or something. I would probably crash.

Sigh. If you are wondering how it ended, I convinced myself to ignore it and continue driving. I used the slowest lane and stuck to the sides, just so I could stop in an emergency. But that was probably the most painful drive ever. Ofcourse, I swapped cars with Mint for a week after that. I expected sympathy from my family, but all I got from them was hysterical bouts of laughing. Meanies. Now I know what to do for revenge. Someday I will lock them in a car with TWO flying cockroaches.



26 Responses to “C for Cockroach”

  1. renxkyoko said

    Oh, my gosh. My heart goes out to you. I actually have never seen a cockroach in my entire life, but my mother did, and she said it was a horrible bug… and the smell ! !

    • Pepper said

      Well I’ve grown up in India. I can’t claim to be a stranger to a cockroach. Most Indians would have seen them at some point. But it is one thing to see them and the other to fear them crawling over you..

  2. I know exactly how you feel since a couple of months back, I had that a similar experience. Only it was a bee and that too with my Daughter in the back seat screaming her lungs out !! I was petrified and like you I had visions of crashing …. I have never been honked at so much in my life !! It was a scary drive and even though I had to drive 2 miles to get home it sure seemed like an eternity !! Thankfully no one was hurt.

  3. Jo said

    Omg.. I can’t stop laughing. I am sorry. I am so mean. I was somehow taking it under control and there, I bursted again at ur last sentence. 😀 😀

  4. I laughed at first, sorry. Then, tried getting into your shoes driving with a flying roach inside the car and got very angry/annoyed. ( Not sad or scared because I come from a little town where our home was in midst of hills. Roaches, scorpions or even snakes were not rare sight. I am not scared of them, but can get very annoyed and angry if they interfere in my business).

    Pepper, I think I would have opened up all car doors, then grabbed a hanky or paper and vigorously aired it until the damn roach would fly out.

    Hope it never happens to you ever again 😀

  5. Cockroaches freak me out because of the way they move. It’s like they’re completely still one minute then they do that skitter walk that always makes me scream and go hide. Preferably in Antarctica .

    My worst memories involves these repulsive bugs.
    I was 5 years old,sleeping contentedly. I feel a tickle on my face. I open my eyes and due to the darkness, I just see the silhouette of a cockroach wiggling his antennas on my face. I flip the out and swat away and it scurries away. No sleep was had that night.

    I have to dissect cockroaches for the next semester*shudder shudder* May lord have mercy on my soul .

  6. I dont think you were being lame at all. I would have freaked out, stuck with a cockroach in a car!! I could so relate to this post – I have had couple of incidents while staying alone. My first experience was with an insect similar to millipede (called puraan in Tamil) that moves quite fast and is so gross to look at. I know for a fact that its bite is painful. As it kept moving around and started to appear out of nowhere every few seconds, I was super terrified. I called S who was in Chennai and his first reply was – dont worry, nothing will happen. I was so mad at him and not knowing what else to do, I started crying. Since it can hide itself in any nook or corner, I was super scared until S came home back that weekend. Guess where it came out of – my dressing table. It took S five minutes to kill it and it has to be done with a chappal or else, it just escapes so easily. Sigh. The second incident was not so scary, as I knew what it was – a little mouse in my kitchen. It would constantly make noise, tear the newspapers I had used for lining the shelves etc. I didnt want it to jump on me or run over me – so I stayed in the bedroom for most of the week. Thats why I understand what you must have gone through. More than anything, its just gross! :mrgreen:

  7. Boiling said

    Sounds funny in a way but I can totally sympathize. I hate cockroaches and the flying ones arghh they are the worst. I have seen really large flying ones and they make me wanna cry.

  8. Last year we spotted a baby lizard inside the car. We were driving from Aurangabad to Pune and just as we entered the city limits,the lizard appears out of nowhere! Add to that the crazy evening traffic that won’t even budge a centimetre. We somehow managed to pull over and did all kinds of things to make it go away.After seeing us act all crazy ,a few people standing nearby helped us get that lizard out!! 😑😑
    I refused to sit in the front passenger seat again until we reached home and switched places with mom.

  9. My Era said


  10. My Era said

    Sorry for that typo single letter comment earlier that I have no clue how it got posted.

    Though I am not scared of cockroaches and murder a couple or more every now and then, i imagined the whole episode replacing the roach with a lizard in my mind and trust me I could visualize myself doing exactly what you did. So fret not Peeper, no matter who thinks or says what, you were being absolutely normal in freaking out.

  11. Gosh! This is the stuff nightmares are made of! I have always tried to imagine how my reaction should be if I cockroach appeared in my car and the scene does not look good.
    Once I drove for 5 min from a Trader Joes to another grocery store with a faint buzz in the background and then when I stopped at the store, I spotted a bee in the car! I left all windows down and waited for 20 min for the stupid bee to get out. :-/

  12. Aku said

    Well, did you know that cockroaches have enemies too? Take the Emerald Wasp for instance. The wasp injects the cockroach with a venom that paralyses it. The cockroach becomes sluggish and is not able to escape. Then the wasp proceeds to pull the roach by the antennae, using them as a leash, and takes it to its nest. Since it’s not dead, the cockroach remains fresh for the baby wasps, whenever they hatch.

  13. Eeeks.You brave brave girl. Im not afraid of roaches, but i know what would happen to me if i spotted a lizard inside my car. I would have had a nervous breakdown. So i can relate to how you felt sitting inside that car. Its super admirable that you continued driving!

    And about the crying, same pinch! That’s ditto my response to such situations…lol, and then ofcourse, go call for help.

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