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Cat in the back(yard)

Posted by Pepper on January 8, 2021

Cotton and Candy spent a lot of their lock down afternoons last year running amok with their chalks and drawing in the backyard. Many times, I’d hear them call out to me and I knew what was coming. They would demand that I draw whatever it was that they were fancying at that point. The incessant ‘pleassseee’ would make me give in. Never mind that I had no freaking clue how to draw a unicorn. Or a fire truck. I have used all my imaginary and artistic skills and created some masterpieces.

One afternoon, they requested I draw a cat. That one was not too hard. So I drew one and left them to it.

That evening, I was just passing by and I stopped in my tracks when I saw a real cat sitting right on top of my drawing. To say it was freaky would be an understatement. I called Cotton and Candy and they echoed my feeling of amazement. I knew I had to click that sight so I ran to grab my phone. Unfortunately, in the 5 seconds that I took to get my phone, the cat had decided to move to another spot.

I had to tell Mint, and the entire world at that point. I had to tell them what happened. Mint just laughed and called it a ‘funny coincidence’. Whereas me, I kept insisting that my drawing was so real, the cat appreciated the familiarity. Why else would it go and sit right on it? Mint laughed some more at my ideas. That guy doesn’t recognize my talent.

This was in the earlier home we lived in. We used to have stray cats that climbed into our backyard every now and then and they were a source of delight for Cotton and Candy. Mint believes the positioning of that particular cat was purely coincidental. I insist it wasn’t.

4 Responses to “Cat in the back(yard)”

  1. Such a lovely post to read Pepper and made me smile. You draw the cat beautifully. Glad to connect with a fellow blogger like you after long and during the good old days. Wishing you a good day.

  2. Visha said

    That’s a really good drawing! Uncanny for the cat to sit exactly on that spot 👀

  3. pixie said

    That’s such a fab drawing of a cat! And what a coincidence!! 😀

  4. Seema said

    Wow, that is a perfect drawing of a cat. The cat would have been impressed by it’s potrait. I would have been amazed too like you.

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